Android Development Course with Android Studio

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Android Development Course

Android Development Course with Android Studio

In next few months, i will complete all the below tutorials. If you have any suggestions, please mention in the comment below so i can update my list. 


There are no pre-requites for this course. It will be helpful if you have some experience with programming with Java, however it’s not necessary.

Android Development Tool:

Android Studio 1.5


Java, XML



Outline of Android Development course:


Mastering your tool

In this part, I will give a guide line to use android studio and what is Android.

  1. Installing Android Studio.
  2. Basic guide to Android SDK
  3. Making your first Hello World Application.
  4. How to create an Android Emulator in Android Studio?
  5. Tips and Tricks for Android Emulator?
  6. How to use real Android Phone with your Android Studio?
  7. What is Android Manifest File?
  8. What is Android Res Folder for?
  9. What is Gradle in Android Studio?
  10. What is Android?
  11. What is Android Studio Log cat?
  12. Recommended Books for Android Development
  13. Recommended Websites for Android Development

Android Development Course


Getting your hands dirty

This part is all about concept building. You will learn about android development by doing simple tasks one at a time.

  1. Learn about Android TextView by developing an About us page for an Android Application
  2. Learn about Android EditText by developing a Contact Us form in Android Application.
  3. Learn about Android Button by making a simple Android Calculator
  4. What is Android Intents and How to use them?
  5. How to make Android Toast Messages?
  6. How to make dialog box in Android ?
  7. How to use Android Image Button?
  8. How to make Check Box in Android?
  9. How to make switch button in Android?
  10. How to make Toggle Button in Android?
  11. How to use Android Image View.
  12. How to set up your menu in Android?
  13. Learn about how to use sound in your android application.
  14. Learn about making splash screens in android.
  15. Learn about Android RadioGroups and Android RadioButton by developing a tip calculating application.
  16. Learn about Android Lists and Android ListView by making an Android Application that shows Country lists and their details?


Practice, Practice and More Practice

In this session we will develop many complete small sized applications from scratch using all the things we learned in part#2.

  1. Develop a simple Pokemon Application
  2. Develop a simple Halloween Application
  3. Develop a Complete Calculator in Android
  4. Develop a Simple Wallpaper Application
  5. Develop a Simple Note Pad in Android
  6. Develop a simple torch Application in Android
  7. Develop a simple android gallery.
  8. Develop a GPA Calculator in Android.
  9. Develop a Web Application in Android
  10. Develop a Real Time Mars Weather Application


We Level Up 

In this session, we will cover the advance topics of Android. However some coding experience will be required to cover these topics.

  1. How to create tabs in Android?
  2. How to make a custom list view in Android?
  3. How to create a swipe menu in Android?
  4. How to use a GridView in Android?
  5. How to use an Expandable List View in Android?
  6. How to use a webview in Android?
  7. How to use a 3rd party libraries in Android?
  8. How to use SQL lite database in Android?
  9. How to use shared preference in Android?
  10. How to use volley library in Android?
  11. How to parse JSON in Android?
  12. How to use Google Maps in Android?
  13. How to upload a file to server using progress bar?
  14. How to use Animation in Android? 
  15. How to make a cloud based Android Application using Microsoft Azure?


One Big Project-Open for suggestions

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will be able to make android applications.

What’s Next:

Android Development is a vast subject, there are still many more things to learn. 

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