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What is Android SDK Manager and How to Use it.

Guide to Android SDK Manager Welcome back, this is another tutorial that will give you a basic guideline about Android SDK Manager. Android SDK manager by the name says help manage android SDK for your Android Studio. Android SDK is necessary for development of Android Application. SDK stands for...


How to get a string from Android Edittext.

Today i will show you how can you get text from Edittext in Android. First of all in your layout declare your Edittext text like the following: Then in  your main activity write this code.  This will get the Edittext and convert it into a String. The most common mistake...


Android Development Tutorial Contest For $10,000 Prizes

Are you a budding writer and a hardcore android enthusiast? If you are then we’ve got just the thing for you! You need to write articles guiding readers through the basics of developing android apps from scratch. The tutorial will be a 12 part guide. The enticing part is...