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Hack: Get Cortana on Your Android Phone Even If You Don’t Live in the US

Can’t Get Cortana on Your Android Phone Outside The States? Here’s a Quick Hack That Lets You Use Microsoft’s Digital Assistant Cortana Anywhere! Artificially intelligent digital assistants are all the rage these days! From Apple’s legendary, humorous Siri, to Google’s rather non-personified and efficient assistant “Google Now”, they’re a pretty big deal. Microsoft...


Mars Weather App in Android using Volley

Introduction: In this tutorial I will talk about Google new library for networking known as Volley. Volley was announced by Google I/O 2013. Volley is far better than java.net.HttpURLConnection and Apache org.apache.http.client. Volley is simple, easy and fast. You don’t have to worry about any Async task or background thread details...


Samsung Tab S! The Infographic shows it all!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S was officially introduced this week. The tab is yet to be released for the public as it is still going through some regular testing before it is available for you to get your hands on it. However, a colorful diagram showing the main features of...