What is Android SDK Manager and How to Use it.

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Android SDK manager

Guide to Android SDK Manager

Welcome back, this is another tutorial that will give you a basic guideline about Android SDK Manager. Android SDK manager by the name says help manage android SDK for your Android Studio. Android SDK is necessary for development of Android Application. SDK stands for Standard Development Kit. This is part of our series on Android Development Course with Android Studio


Press on SDK Manager

Android SDK manager


Click on Launch Stand Alone SDK Manager.

Android SDK manager


Once the SDK manager is opened, you can see what is already installed and what needs to be updated or installed. By checking the box below.

Android SDK manager


In order to install or update something from your SDK. Just Select it and then click install button. You would need to accept the license and it will start downloading it for you. Once the required thing is downloaded it will automatically install it.

Some Important Tips about Android SDK

  • Its highly recommended that you download each and every system image for Android because it can help you test your app on different Android Versions.
  • Keep your SDK up to date.
  • Download and Study Android Sample Code. It will help you improve your understanding about android.

I hope you understand how to update and install different versions of android using the Android SDK manager. If you have any question, please feel free to write in comment section below.

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