Recommended Websites for android development

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websites for android development

Recommended Websites for Android Development

Hello guys, before we begin our part 2 of Complete Beginners Android Course with Android Studio I would like to share some of the websites which can help you while you learn to develop android applications. As you know android is an open source platform and there is no barrier to enter it. There are tons of resource online which can help you get started.

Android Official Developers

Android Development Course

This site contains all the official tutorials, guides, API documentations etc. This is the ultimate guide for Android Development.  It will also provide you with latest tools and Android SDK.


Android Development Course

A huge library of Android Tutorial, one of my favorites.



Android Hive consist of intermediate level stuff for development. It provides with tons of information.



Android Development Course

You can find good free courses on Android here.


Android Development Course

A well-known website that provide university level courses for free. Again you can find courses related to Android.

Android Arsenal

This site consists of a large amount of android libraries developed by developers.


Android Development Course

If you have trouble finding an answer to your problem, just ask a question here and someone will help you solve it. You can also search for previous answered questions as well. 

If you any other cool website that can help in android development, please do mention it in the comments below.

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